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R7S118 led light ulta thin 9 Watt

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R7S 118 mm led lighting ultra thin 12 mm 9 Watt dimmable

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    Data sheet

    Replace light sourceR7S halogen light source
    Lamp baseR7S lamp base
    Light sourcesR7S light source
    Replaceable Watt100 Watt
    Watt led bulb9 Watt
    Lumen800-1000 Lm
    Length Light Source118 mm
    Diameter lighting source12 mm
    With LED light sourceYes
    Light sources replaceableYes
    With DimmerNee
    Voltage230 Volt
    Voltage in230 Volt
    Voltage out230 Volt

    More info

    R7S 118 mm led lighting ultra thin 12 mm 9 Watt dimmable

    R7S LED lighting ultra thin 12 mm length 118mm.

    This call this R7S LED lighting ultra thin 12 mm alsol J118 glass tube lighting source.

    This R7S LED lighting source ultra thin 12 mm replace the R7S118 halogen tube lighting source / J118mm halogen lighting source.

    Replace the R7S halogen lamp:

    Take out the old halogen R7S 118 mm lighting source, model R7S halogeen. Like the R7S halogen lamp downunder

    Haal de R7S 78 mm halogeen buislamp eruit

    Replace this R7S 118mm ultra thin LED Tube bulb back

    Plaats de energiezuinige R7S 78 mm led lamp van 5 Watt ervoor terug


    Voltage: 230Volt (230VAC)

    Watt:  5 Watt 

    Lumen : 500lm 

    Size: Ø12*118mm

    Length R7S led lighting tube : 118mm (11.8 cm)

    Dimmable: Yes

    Available lighting colours: 2700 Kelvin (warm white' | 3000 Kelvin | 4000 Kelvin | 5500 Kelvin (daylight)


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