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  • Power (W): 1.5Watt clear
12V LED Built-in Spot
Built-in-spot 1.5W 12V
Built-in-spot LED Replaceable 1.5 Watt 
LED Built-in-spot 1.5 Watt 12 V.
12 V Built in led spot works on 12 Volt Voltage.
Power LED in built in spot is 1.5 Watt.
1.5 Watt LED is comparable with 15 Watt traditional light.
This 1.5 Watt LED is replaceable. 
Light color built-in-spot is 3000 Kelvin warm white light. 

Voltage: AC / DC 12 V
Can use this LED built-in spot on AC / DC 12 V Voltage.
Power : 1.5 Watt
1.5 Watt LED in this built-in-spot is comparable with 15 Watt traditional light.
Dimmable : No
Spot : steel, reflector: alloy, brushed
Size: (øxt) 69 mm x 20 mm
Diameter spot : 69 mm
Built-in height: 22 mm
draw hole: Ø 60 mm

With LED: Yes
LED Replaceable: Yes

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24V T10 LED 1.5
24V T10 LED
T10 LED Lighting for interior lighting for Cars, Boats, Vehicle Homes and more.

Specifications 24V T10 LED 1.5
Power: 1.5Watt
Lumen: 150Lm
Light Color: 6000Kelvin Blue White