8Volt LED Lighting

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12V24V G20 LED 27
12V 24V G20 LED Lamp can replace 12V G4 Halogen 
This G20 LED lamp can work on 12Volt and 24Volt
The Power of this 12V 24V G20 LED is 1.5Watt
The light Color of this 12V G20 LED is 2700Kelvin Warm White.
BA15D to E14
With this BA15D to E14 lamp converter you can convert add an E14 LED Lamp Bulb in an BA15 Bayonet lamp base

Model BA15D-E14-long
Length lamp base Converter: 65mm
BA22D to E14
BA22D to E14
Lamp Converter BA22D Bayonet to E14 Lamp Base
With this Lamp Adapter, you can place an E14 Bulb With Lamp base E14 in an BA22D Bayonet Lamp Base

Lamp Base: Place in BA22D Lamp Base
Lamp Base: E14. Use E14 LED Bulb in BA22D Lamp Base
E14 to E27
Convert E14 14mm lampbase to  E27 27mm lampbase
E27 to BA22D
Lamp Converter E27 to BA22D/ B22D Bayonet lamp base

With this E27 Lamp Base to BA22D/ B22D Bayonet Lamp Base, you can place an BA22D/ B22D Bayonet LED Bulb in an E27 Lamp Base
E27 to E40
Convert E27 lampbase to E40 lampbase